Solutions for image communication on remote displays

Reach your customers wherever they need to be with Beyonda Digital Signage, with easy access from every location imaginable.

BEYONDA is used by:


A complete and convenient solution for shared video communication on remote displays.

A secure cloud-based digital display solution that allows you to manage and schedule any type of content across hundreds of displays.

It provides stable and reliable content playback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can easily manage your content over the internet, directly from your browser (computer, mobile, tablet).

The system supports playback of videos, images and web pages, is secure against external interference, easy to operate and data flow friendly.

How BEYONDA works

You enter the content you want to play on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, set the playback parameters and the content you have just entered will appear on your screen across the Czech Republic or anywhere in the world at a set time.

Main features

Intelligent scheduling

You plan your content posting according to smart tools. Create playlists according to your needs. Your schedule is instantly visible. Organize your broadcast content by location, media type, screen resolution. You segment your broadcasts by day of the week or by time of day.

Multi-user access

Scheduling, uploading content, editing, adding players, reviewing - all of this can be handled by a single user or multiple users with specific access by team and department.

Remote access

For remote access, control and support we use the professional solution TeamViewer. Thanks to this solution we can find out in real time everything essential about each Mediaplayer/Display connected to BEYONDA and solve most technical problems remotely without having to leave.


The Beyonda app runs on the world’s most widely used OpenSource operating system, Android. It is quick and easy to install on all digital players. The reliability of our Beyonda app is proven by many years of operation and many satisfied clients. We are constantly improving the app, designing and adding features, monitoring developments and responding to client needs.

Digital players

UGO! Android Mediaplayer

Enables playback and streaming of 4K Ultra-High-Definition content. Advanced 64-bit Quad Core Mali-T764 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 32GB eMMC Flash, high speed 2.4G/5G WiFi, LAN and 4Kx2K@60fps high-definition support. All of this is provided to you by this professional UGO! Android Mediaplayer. Mediaplayer has the undeniable advantage that you can connect it to any display, without the need for without having to purchase an Android display.

Android Signage Display

The ability to install Beyonda Signage SW without the need to connect a MediaPlayer is provided by the Philips UHD Android Signage Display range. The displays have internal memory for content storage, integrated Wi-Fi and the ability to install Android apps. Philips’ comprehensive line of signage displays range from 32″ to 98″. 43″ – 98″ has 3840 x 2160/Ultra HD, 4K resolution, 500cd brightness, VESA mount, DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB, speakers (32″ 1920 x 1080/FHD, 400cd brightness). For permanent independent internet connection, 4G/LTE module and SIM card can be added.


Škoda Auto

The informative touch panel provides many functions, has a 55-inch display with 4K resolution in „Portrait“ mode, high luminance and ultra-slim design. The design of the panel and the whole technology is intended for a place where 24/7 operation is required. Škoda Auto currently presents its exhibited cars using 5 of these information kiosks at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague, for which variability in the setup of individual presentations is required. For this need, we have created an interactive microsite that automatically starts when the kiosk is launched. Presentations of individual cars and other information are updated according to the client‘s needs. Remote access to the content is ensured throughout the operation of the kiosks using the Digital Signage system.

Škoda Auto

UGO! Media prepared a complete hardware and software solution for the outdoor kiosks on which Škoda Auto presented its current vehicle portfolio in Tampere, Finland and Riga, Latvia from 12 May to 28 May 2023. Media supplied kiosks specially made for outdoor use with IK10 and IP65 certifications. The image on the FullHD display with a brightness of 1500 cd/m2 is clearly visible even on sunny days. The PCAP touch cover glass has an anti- reflective layer and is heated to prevent fogging in the first place. For a presentation of a specific model and more information about the company team UGO! Media created an interactive microsite with remote access and daily updates of the microsite, e.g. information from the ongoing hockey tournament.


In recent years, new design kiosks have gradually been added to the existing SAZKA branches in shopping centres across the Czech Republic. Advertising spots are played from a central cloud, and Beyonda can request the current jackpots on the client’s server. The entire system is thus essentially automatic, without the need to burden the staff. When purchasing this solution, the client simply defines and sets the playback times and populates the playlists with content that can be further updated online.


KU CLUB&BAR in cooperation with Coca-Cola Hellenic CZ asked us to design and implement a unique wide-angle digital wall. The wall consists of three large-format Philips displays, controlled by UGO! Android Media Player with internet connection. When the displays are switched off, the wall acts as a large mirror. Only when it is switched on does the video content being played appear according to Beyonda’s Digital Signage Manager. Everything runs automatically and the content can be easily changed remotely. KU CLUB&BAR’s customers are delighted with this solution and the content of the displays leads them to the drink offers, which KU CLUB&BAR’s bartenders are happy to prepare.

Coca-Cola Hellenic CZ

Our LCD transparent fridge products are ready to start telling stories and as summer is starting and the barbecue season is here, we have prepared a remote content control product for our partner Coca-Cola Hellenic CZ. This content management process is handled by our sophisticated Beyonda Digital Signage software, which can also be played from the built-in UGO! Android Media Player with a permanent internet connection. The fridge is controlled via intelligent software that controls not only the content on display, but also the LED backlighting on the door and throughout the fridge. The customer therefore efficiently and cost-effectively controls the timing of the video content playback and the LED backlighting of the fridge, which also saves on traffic when the point of sale is closed to customers.

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